Alphafinity Cameras Provide Stable and Superior Quality Imaging
for Surveillance at
South Klang Valley Expressway




Mini IR Bullet Camera


GVDigital Inc.

Total Quantity

10 pcs for each station

The Challenges: Capture Comprehensive Toll Station Data

traffic volume, fare collection and license plate numbers

A stable security system plays a critical role in the management of toll station operations, traffic volume, fare collection and license plate numbers need to be clearly recorded for inspection when requested. Furthermore, whenever unexpected incidents occur, megapixels quality video can be the most valuable evidence to inspect.

The Solution

ALPHAFINITY's B261 cameras have superior image quality and capacity to cope with challenging environmental conditions. With an advanced day-and-night functionality and excellent compatibility with third-party software, the cameras were chosen to secure the South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE).

B261 were installed for surveillance of toll station access lanes, eqquped with an IP67 &IK10 rated housing to ensure harsh weather conditions and withstand dust. Overcome real time to changing light conditions and secure superb image quality 24/7.

Moreover, B261 is equipped with an intelligent remotely zoom&focus lens and built-in Smart IR illuminators with an effective range of up to 20 meters, enabling the clear imaging of license plates and vehicles. B261 can be detected and instant notifications provided to administrators.

B261 is an ideal option for a wide range of outdoor surveillance applications. Mounted on toll booth and provided flexible viewing angles, making the images of drivers and passengers be highlighted if needed.


Feedback from Customer

"We are very satisfied with ALPHAFINITY's cameras and their support both on technical and commercial, they provide quick answer windows whenever we needed."

"We are happy to have ALPHAFINITY's products as the choice for surveillance solutions in all our upcoming projects."