ALPHAFINITY Provides IP Surveillance Solutions
to Philippine Cross country Manpower Company - ZIGZAG


Philippine / Manila


A4131 (H.265 Mini IR Dome)
RH043S (H.265 H/W decoding NVR)



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A Simple Offshoring Model that Our Clients Love

Client assigns & manages daily tasks with their team

ZigZag Offshoring takes care of the rest

ZigZag Offshoring is a Philippine company offering Staff Recruitment, Staff Retention and Travel and Tourism for you to visit the office and spend time with your team, as well as IT and connectivity to your office in Australia. Thus, they need to guarantee excellent customer service, fast response and secure environment.

ZigZag Offshoring makes it easy for clients who want to grow their team offshore, without taking away the hands-on approach and control of staff. ZigZag Offshoring has dedicated coordinators to help clients through the entire process. they only speak with one person and he or she will take care of all your concerns. Your coordinator will provide easy, clear instructions to help you get through the entire set-up process and will also be your ‘go to’ person on a weekly basis should you need anything.

CES Corp has designed comprehensive solution for entire building

CES Corp is a professional system integration company, over 10 years experience, aims to be the market leader in providing high-performance, best-value building systems and solutions that benefits our customers. There are over 150 staffs who work in CES who provide total solution, including access control, building electrnic management, CCTV and Surveillance Cloud Tool.

Fully Satisfied with the Solution

A comprehensive solution was designed by that covered both indoor and outdoor surveillance throughout the entire complex. Alphafinity A4131 were installed throughout the building. A4131, regarding its compacts size, low-profile design and the excellent quality, was specifically selected for monitoring office aisle activity. A4131 featured with Sony Starlight sensor, 140dB WDR, IK10&IP66. Additionally, A4131 supports the industrial-standard H.265 compression technology, which drastically reduces file size and conserves network bandwidth. This technology is essential in this scenario due to the number of cameras installed. Combine with Alphafinity RH043S Industry-First H.265 Hardware decoding NVR with user-friendly interface, allow customers get familiar entire system without learning. Thanks for complete H.265 solution, not only save hard disk capacity/ reduce bandwidth, but also save server room space, AC power consumption and total building electronic.