RH083S is a 8-bay Linux-embedded NVR, powered by Intel high speed CPU and performs excellent network surveillance of multiple IP cameras up to 64 channels of single server and up to 256 channels of multiple servers.

RH08 Series is a 8-bay Linux-embedded NVR, powered by Intel high speed CPU and performs excellent network surveillance of multiple IP cameras up to 64 channels of single server and up to 256 channels of multiple servers.

Excellent H.265 HEVC Peformance

64 channels real-time local display, remote web monitoring and megapixel recording with 450Mbps network throughput

Superior Hardware Decoding

Support H/W Decode per Channel
4K2k @ 120FPS, Full HD @ 480FPS, HD @ 960FPS, CIF @ 1920FPS.
Per page up to 64 channels viewing mode.

Various Display Modes

Video output via either HDMI or DVI connector for high image quality local display and offer various display mode, users can set up multi-viewing-profiles.

Powerful Real-time Remote Monitoring

Alphafinity NVR offers 64 Channels Real-Time Hardware Decode Local Display and instant monitoring via remote browser anytime and anywhere including IE, Chrome, and Firefox browser. In remote browser interface, offer flexible display mode.

Quick Indication with Dynamic Multi-layer E-Map

Dynamic E-Map on live view monitoring as a quick navigation can indicate the physical location of cameras. Users can expand multi-layer maps in different perspectives and deploy cameras on the maps.

Powerful Event and Action Management

Camera connection lost, camera motion detection, camera audio detection, camera digital input, NVR connection lost, recording error, abnormal shutdown, external event (HTTP in), CPU temperature warning, CPU fan warning, system fan warning, HDD error warning and HDD fail warning.

Instant Notification

When an event is triggered, a window will pop out to notify user and display recording video to users, including alert sound, event log history, video pop-out window, highlight video window, event recording, E-Mail notification, video clip/ snapshot via E-Mail, buzzer alarm, go to pre-set point, camera digital output, and user-defined digital output.

Smart and Scheduled Recording

Users can configure different recording schedules such as continuous, schedule, event and audio recording for each camera in high megapixel recording. Moreover, users can set recording percentage or days for keeping videos to overwrite the oldest video files automatically.

Flexible Recording Stream Setting

Alphafinity NVR supports multi-stream to let users set video format, frame rate, resolution and other features in different conditions to save bandwidth for monitoring and recording, such as MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264 and H.265 formats.

Smart Search

Alphafinity Smart Search to help users quickly find out key video at the specific moment with five detection modes, including Motion Detection, Foreign Object Detection, Camera Tampering Detection, Lose Focus and Missing Object Detection.

24H Failover and Failback Server Monitoring:

With Alphafinity failover server, users can quickly check NVR and HDD status every minute monitor up to 4 NVR recording servers in default (Option up to 16 NVRs)
Failover is to take over failed NVR for monitor and recording, Failback is original NVR retakes and continues its original video recording and monitoring function.

Integrated Access Control Server

Control up to 4 access control devices (option up to 16 devices), centrally manage card information and quick data filter, export access log from card reader and synchronize access devices with NVR¡¦s time for future log tracking.

Integrated Network I/O Box Server

Alphafinity NVR supports Network I/O Boxs to satisfy project requirements where users pay more attention on environment control such as factory and airport.

Dual LAN Application

Alphafinity NVR provides a flexible network configuration connect different network segments, even one in WAN, one in LAN. Dual IP application largely increases the resistibility of unauthorized data theft and the unavailability of accessing to cameras.

Smart, Simple and Powerful Mobile APP

AVANT is a created to enhance security by monitor live video and playback recorded video. The interface is simple and intuitive, with the most common steps to access activities, users can easily get started. AAVANT also integrated with any ONVF devices and work on any Android/iOS devices.

Diverse Backup Methods

USB Backup and USB Type DVD Backup Backup with Day, Hour, Minute and Channel Preset Efficient Hardware USB Backup Button Remote Backup to NAS Export file on Playback.

Excellent Hardware to Enhance Efficiency

Supports up to 8TB Storage Capacity per Hard Disk Drive Built-in Advanced RAID Configuration with Hot Swap Design Support eSATA / ISCSI Storage Expansion