RH043S is a 4-bay Linux-embedded NVR, powered by Intel high speed CPU and performs excellent network surveillance of multiple IP cameras up to 64 channels of single server and up to 256 channels of multiple servers.




Local Display

  • Display Mode

    1, 2X2, 3X3, 3X4, 4X4, 5X5, 6X6, 7X7, 8X8, 1+5, 1+7, 1+2, 1+3, 1+12, sequential, event view mode

  • Max Channel Supported on Local Display

    Up to 64 channel/ page

  • H/W Decode Max Resolution per Channel

    Resolution up to 8MP (4K UHD) per channel (H.265)

  • H/W Decode Max. FPS in Single Page

    32Ch: 4K2K@60fps/Full HD@240fps/HD@480fps/CIF@960fps
    16Ch: 4K2K@30fps/Full HD@120fps/HD@240fps/CIF@480fps

  • Display Capability

    Dual Display (display different Liveview / Playback display modes on two monitors), Mirror Display (display same liveview display mode on two monitors)

  • Local Playback

    1, 2X2, 3X3, 4X4 view mode

  • Playback Control

    Play, pause, reverse play, previous frame/next frame, and speed control

  • Recorded Files Export


  • 2-Way Audio Support

    Yes, supported by Build-in sound adapter

  • Local Monitoring Control

    PTZ control, digital zoom, optical zoom, focus control, full screen display, video sanpshot and preset position

  • Local Configuration

    Yes, PC-less design

Remote Monitoring(Clients)

  • Display Mode

    1, 2X2, 3X3, 3X4, 4X4, 5X5, 6X6, 7X7, 8X8, 1+7, 1+12, and setup its own customized view list for private access

  • Multiple NVR Monitoring

    Up to 256 channels from multiple NVR servers

  • E-Map

    Yes, Multi-layer dynamic E-Map

  • Instant Playback on Liveview and E-Map


  • View Control

    Dissconnect / Streaming / ePTZ / Trigger Alarm / Audio / instand Playback

  • 2-Way Audio Support


  • Multi Web Browsers Support

    IE, Firefox, Chrome

Remote Playback (Clients)

  • Multi-channel Playback

    1/ 4/ 9/ 16-channel display

  • Multi-NVR Playback

    Up to 16 channels from multiple NVR servers

  • Search Mode

    Search by smart search, date, time, channel, and various recorded file types including event reccording

  • Playback Control

    Digital zoom, full screen display, and video sanpshot

  • Export

    Yes, support background Export while playback


  • Maximum Number of Channels

    Up to 32 channels

  • Recording Mode

    Recording by Event & Schedule/ Always / Event

  • Storage Capacity Management

    Automatic Recycle by Percertage / Keep Video for Certain Days

  • File Format

    ASF, AVI, MKV, APF format

  • Video Format

    MJPEG/ MPEG-4/ H.264/H.265 (Depending on the camera models)

  • Maximum Network Throughput

    450Mbps (Varied in different environment)

Advanced Event & Action Management

  • Event

    (1) Camera Events: Camera connection lost, camera motion detection, camera audio, detection, camera digital input (2) NVR Events: NVR connection lost, recording error, abnormal shutdown, external event (HTTP in)(3) NVR Hardware Events: CPU temperature warning, CPU fan warning, system fan warning, HDD error warning HDD fail warning, redundant power supply failure

  • Action

    Alert sound, event log history, video pop-out window, highlight video window, event recording, E-Mail notification, video clip/ snapshot via E-Mail, go to pre-set point, camera digital output, external Network IO box

Mobile Device

  • iOS and Android Support


  • Display Mode

    1, 4, 6 -channel and sequential display mode

  • Control in Monitoring

    PTZ control, Digital Contorl, Snapshot

  • Control in Playback

    Play, Pause, Fast forward, Rewind

  • Playback

    By date & time, channels, various recorded video types

  • Event Notification

    Yes, Event notification will be sent from Multiple NVRs

Security Management

  • NVR Failover

    Failover server can monitor up to 16 NVRs

  • Access Control Device Management

    1-to-many or many-to-1 between reader and camera*

  • User Privilege Management

    User can be assigned for different levels of privilege

  • Advanced User Management

    Random password sent by Email, Account expiration by assigning a specific date

  • Log System

    Hardware log, System log, event log, current user log, historical user log and file access log

  • IP Access Control

    Specify IP address or network segment for the white and black list

  • Access Number Control

    The access users numbers is allowed to be limited

  • Auto Logout

    Auto logout idle time limit from configuration page

  • Operating System

    Linux-embedded system

Video Backup


    USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 Supported

  • Remote Backup

    Yes, support remote backup to FTP/NAS

Network Service

  • Protocol Support


  • File Sharing Service

    Windows networking, FTP service


  • Disk Management

    Linear(JBOD), RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 and RAID10 disk configurations

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