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Alphafinity network cameras upgrade to latest firmware.


In order to make our customers have better quality camera, Alphafinity is focus on camera operation. We upgraded to latest firmware, below is what we released this month.

1. Add 3rd stream.
2. Add "Reset after up grade" function, user can decide whether they keep camera configuration after upgrading.
3. Add HTTP CGI Alarm setting.
4. Adjust motorized lens zoom&focus in/out speed, make it more smoothly.
5. Optimize SIP module, mask the stream option.

Besides, we also fixed Bugs:
1. Solve frame rate inaccuracy problem when switching between 50Hz and 60Hz.
2. Solve OSD and motion detection settings become invalid after reboot issue.
3. Solve the problem of web server may get stuck when exporting configuration.
4. Solve motorized zoom lens stuck issue and can not be driven to move (2.8-12mm).
5. Fix the bug that the status can not be updated when choose manual mode in UPnP module.
6. Optimize the initialization exception problem of motorized zoom lens.

If you are interested in our newest firmware performance, please contact our sales team.